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Cut A Pepper And Watch It Scream

Some vegetables are content with being cut up and made into various soups or stews, but not this creepy pepper. He’d rather scream until his spicy brethren come to his rescue, preferably before he hits the pot of bubbling sauce! Link

2D Paper Art Depicting Scenes From Movies And Video Games

Who knew sheets of paper cut into interesting shapes could be so exciting to stare at?! Photographer and avid gamer David A. Reeves cuts paper into miniature silhouettes of scenes from movies and video games, then he takes pictures of them in a series of works best described as freeze frame shadow puppet theater. Link  –via Kotaku

Landscapes Carved into Books

Book carving has really taken off as a medium in the past few years. Guy Laramee’s impressive contributions show entire landscapes cut into the paper. You know what would be really neat? To see a Z-scale model railroad set on top of one of these landscapes. Artist’s Website -via Colossal

Halloween Cuisine: Sweet or Savory Specimen Jars

These specimens in jars look pretty nasty, and the labels make them seem even worse. But believe it or not, they are all not only edible, but tasty! They contain unfamiliar fruits, or foods cut into odd shapes. Your Halloween guests will be delighted, if they can get over the willies and try them out. [...]

Technicolor Roses

It looks like a ’shopped-up version of your average garden rose, but it’s not: that’s the Rainbow Rose, and you can make them yourself using cut flowers and some heavily tinted water. And if you aren’t a rose fan, you can use the same technique for cut Chrysanthemum and Hydrangea as well. Link | via Mental_floss

Old Photo WTFery

Historians of the future have their work cut out for them when it comes to decoding some of our current artwork and photographs, I’m sure. What will they think of the LOLcats? Probably something like what we think of these old photos over on Retronaut: Huh. WTF. See more general weirdness, including apparent side-show performers [...]

Paper Extravaganza: The Wonderful Paper Art of Charles Clary

I was quite blown away by the intricate details of Charles Clary’s hand cut paper art. Design Milk recently caught up with him in this exclusive interview: What do you enjoy most about working on these installations and why? It’s pretty much a love/hate relationship with my work but I love everything about making my installations. Hate [...]

The Secrets Behind Your Flowers

In 1967, Colorado State University graduate student David Cheever wrote a term paper on the Colombian cut flower industry. In 1969, he went to Colombia and started a business. Things took off from there. It’s not often that a global industry springs from a school assignment, but Cheever’s paper and business efforts started an economic revolution [...]

Homemade Revolving Shotgun

Home Gunsmith forum user rhmc24 took parts from a 12 gauge shotgun and a 1857 Remington revolver and created a shotgun with a revolving cycle: Using chambers cut off 12 ga. scrap barrels and a new $10 bbl for an Italian auto shotgun, the only other gun part is a scrapped hammer from a 1857 Remington [...]