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A Chopstick in Your Mouth Will Teach You How to Smile

Some firms in China train their customer service staff members to smile with a chopstick. Keep it between your teeth. Don’t touch it with your lips. And above all, don’t drop it. You. Will. Smile. Understood? Link -via American Digest | Photo: Asianews

Companies Americans Love to Hate (the Most)

The good people over at The Atlantic recently reviewed the American Customer Satisfaction Index and compiled a list of the 19 Most Hated Companies in America. The list includes all the usual suspects that you’ve probably had actual or virtual run-ins with, for all the reasons you would put them atop a list you might [...]

Why Are Coupons Worth 1/100th of a Cent?

The next time a coupon shows up in your mail, take a look at the fine print. There’s a pretty good chance it will read something to the effect of “Cash Value 1/100th of a cent.” Why in the world is that writing on there? And are 10,000 copies of this coupon really worth a [...]

SUV Crashes Through Barbershop, Barber Keeps Cutting Hair

(Video Link) The above video shows a SUV crashing through the front wall of a barbershop in Anchorage, Alaska. Shop owner Heng Song paused to make sure that no one was hurt, and then resumed cutting the hair of his customer: He was momentarily stunned, yes, when the vehicle burst through a door and window Wednesday afternoon [...]

Why Is Customer Service in Paris So Rude?

Why is customer service in Paris so horribly rude? It may have roots in the French Revolution (they really do take the égalité part of the national motto “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” seriously). Emma Jane Kirby of BBC News discovers first-hand that the customer isn’t always right in Paris: The fact is Parisians employed in any service industry [...]

Help a School That Needs a Nickname

Every Friday, I post a series of unrelated questions meant to spark conversation in the comments. Answer one, answer all, respond to someone else’s reply, whatever you want. Very casual. On to this week’s topics of discussion… 1. A couple years ago, I posted a quick guide to naming schools. I’m still waiting for the freelance [...]