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Clumsy Kittens Compilation

(YouTube link) Even if curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, it can get them into some awkward positions. -via Tastefully Offensive

Top science breakthroughs of 2012

This year’s achievements range from the discovery of the Higgs boson to Curiosity landing on Mars. 2012 has been a good year for scientific advancemen…

Gingerbread Mars Rover

Wait — Mars is made out of candy? Let’s go! This Curiosity Rover built by Caltech has given us all the motivation we need: Crafted by Kevin Isacsson, head chef of the Athaneum, the Pasadena university’s private dining club, the rover features pinwheel cookie wheels connected with black licorice, sugared Lego “gears” and gumdrop and M&M [...]

NASA to launch new Mars rover in 2020

Curiosity is to be joined on Mars by a second rover based on the same design as its predecessor. The success of Curiosity has spurred on plans to laun…

Cool Things to Find

(YouTube link) Cool Things to Find is a parody of the earlier PSA called Dumb Ways to Die. And who does the finding? The Mars Curiosity rover, of course! -via a comment at Metafilter

NASA teases ‘historic’ Mars discovery

Curiosity’s chief scientist John Grotzinger has described the find as ‘one for the history books’. So far very little has been revealed about whatever…

Curiosity takes stunning self-portrait

NASA’s Curiosity rover has used its robotic arm to take a detailed photograph of itself on Mars. One of the advantages of Curiosity over previous Mars…

Curiosity finds no methane on Mars

NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has been unable to find any signs of methane on the Red Planet. The presence of methane on Mars would have been a promisin…

A Curious Vanity Picture

The Curiosity rover took a vanity shot. In this self picture, which actually is a combination of 55 individual photos taken from its MAHLI camera, you can see the rover sitting comfortably on the surface of Mars. Stuart Atkinson, an amateur astronomer, put the 55 pictures together and can be viewed at its full 5,400 [...]

Curiosity picks up first scoopful of Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover has used its robotic arm to pick up a scoop of soil from the Martian surface. It’s the first time the rover has collected some …