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Color of Food Container Makes The Food and Drink Tastier

How delicious is that cup of hot chocolate? The answer may lie in the color of the cup as much as the drink itself: "The colour of the container where food and drink are served can [...]

This Cup Is a Portrait of a French Queen

Legend has it that this cup was modeled after Marie Antoinette. Or rather, a portion of her body. There was not, however, a live model present for the composition. The story is not true, but that did not prevent the porcelain makers at Sèvres, France from marketing these cups as such. Link -via The Oddment Emporium | Photo: Andrew [...]

Bronze Statue of the Zidane Head Butt in Paris

Remember the 2006 World Cup, when the whole world was watching France play Italy for the championship, and French player Zinedine Zidane drove his head right into Italy’s Marco Materazzi? It’s the lasting image of all that year’s matches, and was made into countless internet memes. Italy won the World Cup and Zidane retired from [...]

How Do You Decaffeinate Coffee Beans?

There are a number of ways to cut the eye-opening power of a cup of joe, but the methods are basically pretty similar. First, processors use water or steam to swell the green beans, then they extract the caffeine using a solvent. Water, ethyl acetate, methylene chloride, or highly pressurized carbon dioxide strip the caffeine [...]

A Modern Take On The Classic Lava Lamp

Designer Merve Kahraman has created an updated version of the classic Lava Lamp, and this time the wax is flowing fluid-free. He calls it the Revitalizer, and it looks like a big old waxy mess in the making! Wax heated by a high voltage bulb up top drips into the cup below, and when the whole thing [...]

Totoro Suction Cup Plush

Totoro With Suction Cup Plush – $14.95 Are you looking for the perfect gift for your favorite Totoro fan? You need the Totoro With Suction Cup Plush from the NeatoShop. This sweet plush toy features Totoro and a soot sprite sitting on a leaf. It comes with a hanging loop and window suction cup. Be sure to [...]

Pyramid Scheme Measuring Cups

Pyramid Scheme Measuring Cups – $11.95 Are you looking for a way to build on your non-sustainable cooking potential? Start by Updated your kitchen utensil portfolio with the Pyramid Scheme Measuring Cups from the NeatoShop. This simple measuring model is made up of 6 wonderfully stackable measuring cups in sizes: 1tsp. 1 tbsp, 1/4 cup, 1/3 [...]

Turning Coffee Stains Into Art

If you ever thought your table cloth was ruined and worthless after someone left a nasty coffee cup stain on it, then you need to meet Jay Chou. That’s because the artist knows how to take those annoying brown rings and turn them into something absolutely stunning. To complete the piece above, Chou has a saucer [...]

The Soda Thief

Admit it: you’ve probably asked for a free cup of water from a restaurant and then fill that cup with soda (clear ones like Sprite or Seven-Up, of course, you sneaky devil) when nobody’s [...]

Butterfly Measuring Cups

Butterfly Measuring Cups – $8.95 Spring is here and it’s time to come out of your cocoon and transform your kitchen into a baking wonderland. The Butterfly Measuring Cups from the NeatoShop are here to help. This colorful set of measuring cups includes: 1/4 cup 1/3 cup 1/2 cup And 1 cup Butterfly Measuring Spoons also available. Be sure to check out [...]