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The Doctor Who Wormhole Lap Blanket

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who then just seeing this TARDIS wormhole blanket will immediately cue  the theme song to start playing in your head. For those talented crocheters who wish to make their own, instructions can be found at the link. Link Via Craftzine

Fantastic Photo Series Plays With Our Sense Of Scale

Taking a cue from such classics as Alice In Wonderland and Jack and the Beanstalk, photographer Jean-Francois Fortou places normal sized people in giant or tiny sets to create a sense of wonder and dimensional irregularity. The photos are simple and digitally untouched, and their simplicity is the key to making the whole concept work, I [...]

Baby Duck Can’t Stay Awake

(Video Link) Nibble the duckling wants to stay awake, but can’t quite do it as he lies in Audrey’s lap. Cue: awwwwww. -via Geekosystem

Pool-Playing Robot

(YouTube Link) Deep Green is pool-playing robot created by students at the robotics laboratory of Queen’s University in Canada. Students have worked on it for the past three years, gradually improving its abilities against human opponents: The system is currently playing at a better-than-amateur level. One current weakness, however, is with the break. The special purpose end [...]

McDonald’s Prison Visit

A woman arrived in prison to visit her husband – cue the ominous music – then was led by a leering guard down a dreary hall to the visitor’s room. As soon as she sat down, her jailed husband ratcheted up the pressure: did she bring it? Would she do it right then and there [...]