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Cucumber Jalapeño Popsicles

Simultaneously cold and hot, Steve’s popsicles will give you a delicious if confusing experience. They’re made of just cucumbers, peppers, sugar and lime juice. Link -via Tasteologie

Monster Vegetables Gardening

Organic Monster Vegetables Garden – Let’s hope the neighbours like cabbage. Amateur gardener Jimmy Hill is promising to share his crop with them and, judging by this picture, there’s a lot to go round.Mr Hill, 53, has grown a row of the monster vegetables, the biggest of which is 5ft across and will weigh 80lb [...]

Buddha Shaped Pears

You’ve seen square watermelon and even heart shaped cucumbers, but Buddha pears? They are made with a cool plastic mold that is attached while they are still little. I’d love to say more about them, but I don’t speak Spanish Portuguese, so I can’t read the original site. Any of you Neatorama readers care to [...]