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A Literary Atlas of Latin America

Continuing his use of maps, Fernando Vicente created a series of images celebrating the literatures of Latin America. It’s as much decorative as it is informative as pages explode out of Cuba, ink pours out of Chile and a writer’s eye peers out of Brazil. View them all at the link. Link -via Ian Brooks

10 Scandalous VP Stories Worth a Warm Bucket of Spit

Getty Images This morning Mitt Romney tapped Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate. John Nance Garner, FDR’s first vice president, either said the VP position wasn’t worth “a warm pitcher of piss” or “a warm bucket of spit.” Whatever body fluid and receptacle he really used, you get the idea. But that doesn’t mean [...]

Storms on the Sun

We have seen a couple of solar flares this year that gave us beautiful auroras in areas that don’t normally see such lights. But that was nothing compared to the coronal mass ejection known as the Carrington Super Flare in 1859. That night there was scarcely a square inch of earth that was not illuminated by [...]

Meet the Parents: 11 Dads of Famous Juniors

Let’s get ready for Father’s Day by taking a look at some dads who gave famous people a giant gift: their names. Here are the seniors behind a slew of well-known Juniors. 1. Martin Luther King, Sr. probably didn’t know his name would become so famous when he changed it. The civil [...]

The Face of the Emperor

Before the development of photography, and even for some time afterward, one of the customs right after the death of someone important was to cast a death mask, to ensure there was a lasting representation of what that person looked like. After all, statues would be commissioned someday! Napoleon Bonapart’s death mask was (and still [...]

10 Things We’re Supposed to Remember

Rob Wilson / 1. …the Alamo A quick refresher on the basics of the Battle of the Alamo: fought from February 23-March 6, 1836, between Mexico and the Republic of Texas as a part of the Texas Revolution of 1835-1836. The first 12 days were a siege by Mexican General Santa Anna and his troops [...]

The Time Fidel Castro Asked FDR for $10

The year: 1940. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was residing in the White House; a 12-year-old Fidel Castro was studying at a boarding school, Colegio Dolores in Santiago, Cuba. Fidel read about Roosevelt’s third re-election and, on a whim, decided to drop one of the most powerful men in the world a line. At the time, Fidel’s [...]

Archive: September 2011

Architectural Blunders & Atrocities Drunk Builders and Mad Architects, Part 5 Coolest Gadgets, Modern & Retro. The Weird and the Marvelous Ghost Cars of the World Venezuela, Cuba, Russia: take your pick Art Deco Skyscraper of the Week: Trinity Building, New York Perhaps the first twin towers built there Abandoned Disney, Part 1 Overgrown Discovery Island, and other awesome sites Sensational Rock Formations: Moeraki [...]

World Record Swim Attempt

(video source) Reknowned distance swimmer Diana Nyad {wiki} is almost 62 years old. But she is swimming today, off the coast of Cuba, heading to Key West. She entered the water just before Sunset last night. This time, instead of a shark cage, she will be surrounded by an electronic shark deterrent. The swim, if successful, [...]

Cuban witness recalls alien encounter

An extraordinary story from Cuba that occured back in 1995 has been circulating the internet. On October 15th of that year farmer Adolfo Serrate had b…