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Cthulhu Jack-O’-Lantern

When the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island, say that it’s hosting a Jack-O’-Lantern Spectacular, they’re not kidding. These carved pumpkins sure are spectacular! My favorite is the Cthulhu pumpkin above (if [...]

Celebrate Your Occasion With A Cthulhu Balloon

Redditor Frostbite795 was at a Bar Mitzvah when he asked the balloon animal guy to make him a cthulhu. This is what he came up with -pretty amazing if you ask me. Link Via BoingBoing

Cthulhu Wedding Cake

What better time to show off this Cthulhu wedding cake than on author H.P. Lovecraft’s birthday! It was made by Kerry’s Custom Cakes of South Park, Pennsylvania, for redditor lakshmispet’s wedding. See more photos of it in the baker’s Facebook gallery. Link -via Rue The Day Previously: two other Cthulhucakes.

15 Incredibly Cool Cthulhu Tattoos

People have really taken a shine to that squid faced master of madness Cthulhu, to the point where they’re willing to permanently ink up their body with his horrifying visage. This article should really be called “11 Incredibly Cool Cthulhu Tattoos And 4 Rather Lackluster Examples”, but you know how those list makers at BuzzFeed love [...]

Cthulhu Barbie

Since 1959, Cthulhu has given young girls unrealistic expectations about body image and moral depravity. Sabrina Zbasnik’s treatment is probably an improvement. Note: the Cthulhu Dream Dungeon is sold separately. Link -via Bit Rebels

Cthulhu Tree Topper

This Cthulhu tree topper is hand-felted by Etsy seller Nifer Fahrion. Sure, he’ll destroy all mankind, but in the mean time you’ll get a whole house-full of fanatical cult of believers ready to do your bidding during the holiday season. By the time they clue into what’s going on, they will already be tormented by visions [...]

Cthulhu Plush Slippers

Cthulhu Plush Slippers – $39.95 Attention Cthulhu fans! Are you looking for a fun way to keep your tootsies warm and cozy this Fall? You need the Cthulhu Plush Slippers from the NeatoShop.  These frighteningly fabulous slippers are perfect stomping around your kingdom. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more fantastic Cthulhu items! Link

Cthulhu Bento Box Makes For A Scary Good Meal

I love this delightfully clever H.P. Lovecraft bento box by The Nghbrhood complete with a green hot dog Cthulhu and terrified egg people. I’ d be so jealous if I was one of this kid’s school friends. Link Via BoingBoing

My First Cthulhu

My First Cthulhu – $18.95 Are you looking for the perfect plush toy for your favorite little monster? You need the My First Cthulhu from the NeatoShop. Abject terror has never looked so cute and cuddly. This is destined to be your budding science fiction lover’s favorite toy. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more [...]

Just in Time for Easter: Chocolate Cthulhu

There are some minor differences between the activities of the Easter Bunny and the Easter Cthulhu, but both make the holiday memorable for children. Jason McKittrick made these chocolate Cthulhu figurines to mark the occasion. Link via Boing Boing