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The Disputed History of the Tarzan Yell

Johnny Weissmuller made it famous. Carol Burnett made it funny. But the origin of Hollywood’s iconic jungle cry is shrouded in mystery. Getty Images Back in 1932, in movie theaters across the country, the actor Johnny Weissmuller stood high on a cliff and let fly with a savage cry, roughly translated as “Aah-eeh-ah-eeh-aaaaaah-eeh-ah-eeh-aaaaah!” The Tarzan yell has long [...]

Men of Tears

Real men don’t cry … or do they? Lee Glickstein and Pete van Dyk founded a group dedicated to promoting crying as a therapeutic practice: A few moments before 4 p.m. on a recent Wednesday, nine men ages 25 to 67, filed into a small, bare office in San Anselmo, arranged their chairs in a circle, [...]

Heavy Metal Corsets

Everything old is new again. Maya Hansen’s heavy metal themed corsets are a far cry from the strait-laced undergarments of the Victorian era. Featuring ‘Kiss’, ‘Slater’, ‘Misfits’, ‘Iron Maiden’ and ‘Metallica’ these corsets are definitely not your grandmother’s underwear. Link – Via Cakehead Loves Evil