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Bodybuilders Have Tiny Testes

by Emeritus Professor Sam Shuster, MD, PhD, FRCP Consultant, Dept of Dermatology, University of East Anglia, U.K. This piece of work presented itself by accident. As a retired clinical scientist, I waste time worrying about problems I’ve opened and left unclosed. One such is stretch marks,1 and the body bulk that produces them. Would body builders carry [...]

When an Industrial Designer Breaks His Foot, We All Get Better Crutches

Jeff Weber, an industrial designer, broke one of his heels in 2005. He found the crutches that he used while recuperating inadequate, so designed new ones: His new crutch would employ an articulated mesh saddle that remained parallel to the armpit even as the angle of the column changed with the gait of the user. The [...]