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Mattel’s All-Pink Cruise Line for Barbie Fans

Love Barbie? Love cruise ships? You’re really going to love this: The Royal Caribbean Barbie Premium Experience, an all-pink, all-Barbie extravaganza at sea, featuring such amenities as the Barbie Stateroom, a Mermaid Dance Class, and (of course!) a Fashion Show. For the average human person, this is probably too much pink and certainly too much Barbie. But [...]

What Happens if You Die on a Cruise Ship?

A modern cruise ship is a floating city often populated by elderly people. So on board deaths are common. How does the crew respond? In a fascinating article at io9, Keith Veronese explored the physical and legal challenges of corpses on cruise ships: Cruise ships are required to carry body bags, and maintain a small morgue. [...]

Biodegradable Golf Balls Made From Lobster Shells

David Neivandt, a professor at the University of Main, and Alex Caddell, an undergraduate student there, have developed a golf ball made from the shells of lobsters. Though biodegradable golf balls already exist, this is the first to be made with crushed lobster shells with a biodegradable binder and coating, creating value from waste material. “We’re [...]