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Calculation Aid Tattoo

Zach lost a finger and didn’t want to have to take off a shoe to count to ten. So he got Kirk Nilsen of the Crown & Anchor Tattoo Parlor in Point Pleasant, New Jersey to ink this helpful replacement. Link | Artist’s Website

Quiz: Horses That Almost Won the Triple Crown

Since Affirmed completed the Triple Crown in 1978, 12 horses have won both the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. The first 11 failed to win the Belmont. I’ll Have Another will attempt to break that streak on June 9th. If you’re looking for a horse racing wager before the Belmont, challenge a friend to see who [...]

A Dutch Prince Tossing a Toilet in a Toilet Tossing Contest

Today is the official birthday of Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands. The Dutch celebrated in variety of ways, including the traditional toilet bowl throwing contest. Crown Prince Willem-Alexander joined in the fun, heaving an orange toilet with all his strength: Members of the royal family traveled to the town of Rhenen to join in the fun, [...]

Thirsty Crowns

There are so many companies that put a crown on the labels of beverages that mental_floss decided to make a quiz out of them! In today’s Lunchtime Quiz, you’ll be given a picture of a crown, and you try to match it with the drink it comes from. Simple? No. I scored horribly, but you [...]

Why the Red Telephone Box was Almost Silver and Other Facts About the K6

Though they’re not as numerous as they once were, the red telephone box is one of a handful of images that instantly conjures up visions of England. But it wasn’t always such an icon. The Versions When telephone booths first came on to the scene, they were definitely more function than form. Intent on finding something [...]

The United Kingdom, Great Britain and England (and a whole lot more)

(YouTube link) We once featured an Euler diagram that explained the British Isles, the United Kingdom, and Great Britain. This video explains all that clearly but quickly, then goes on to explain the British Empire, the Crown Colonies, Crown Dependencies, and other terms that confuse Americans and others who don’t deal with such geographical concepts every [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Miss Universe Controversies

If you follow these things, and maybe even if you don’t, you know that the Miss Universe pageant was last weekend. Miss Venezuela took the crown for the second year in the row. All in all it was a pretty tame competition, but it isn’t always that way – the pageant has certainly seen its [...]