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The Night The Beatles Rocked Shea Stadium

Though the Fab Four found it hard to remember the second occasion, the Beatles actually played Shea Stadium twice. When he was later asked about the “second Shea Stadium concert,” George Harrison replied, “Did we play Shea twice?” Ringo Starr was asked the same question and gave the same exact response, “Did we play Shea [...]

Haunted hospital raided by ghost hunters

A crowd broke in to the abandoned Irqa Hospital in Saudia Arabia to tackle spirits said to reside there. The old hospital which was once used to treat…

Russian Super Rich Made Paper Airplanes Out of Money to a Brawling Crowd Below

Pavel Durov, the founder of Russian’s social networking giant VKontakte (the so-called Russian Facebook), was bored last wekeend. So he decided to make paper airplanes and fly them out of his office which overlooked [...]

Danikka’s Floor Routine

(YouTube link) He entered the woman’s gymnastic floor competition as a lark, and entertained the crowd in more than one way! -via reddit

Popular Pink Pony Purloined

Siri Cole’s pony named Pixie has gone missing from Queen Creek, Arizona. She should be easy to spot in a crowd, even of crowd of ponies, because her mane and tail are bright pink. Siri Cole runs a unique business, Charming Party Ponies. She owns petite little ponies, available for rent at parties and festivals. Pixie is [...]

Where’s Wall-E?

Where’s Wall-E? is a step beyond Where’s Waldo?! This poster, created by Richard Sargent, features a crowd of robots that should be familiar to you from movies and TV. Can you find Wall-E among the many? Hopewell Studios is giving away a print to the person who can name the most of the robots. You [...]

Building a Crowd

Someone watched an episode of Master Chef on Hulu and saw twins in this crowd scene. It must have been a thin crowd for the producers to decide it needed a copy-and-paste makeover. What’s the world coming to? It’s getting to the point where you can’t even believe what you see on TV! Link -via [...]

Pump up the Crowd: Hollywood’s Inflatable Extras

The next time you’re watching that sports-themed comedy or epic Roman war picture and you notice some of the crowd members don’t seem nearly as excited as the others, it’s probably not that they’re bad actors. They’re probably just plastic inflatable people with creepy human-ish masks on. The producers of The King’s Speech, Iron Man [...]

Pope declares God was behind the Big Bang

The idea that the universe came in to being by accident should be rejected, the Pope has stated. Speaking to a crowd of 10,000 at St Peter’s Basilica …

Mooning of the Amtrak Train

Mooning of the Amtrack Train The pants were down but so was the size of the crowd for a bizarre ritual in Southern California. It’s the annual “Moon Over Amtrak” event in the Orange County community of Laguna Niguel in which people line up to moon passing commuter trains. It began as a bar bet in 1979 and [...]