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Crop circles appear in Eastern Washington

A series of mysterious crop circles have turned up in a wheat field near to the Grand Coulee dam. The designs resemble a four-leaf clover and have fla…

The Political Hot Potato

Vital. Maligned. Mysterious. How well do you really know the potato? During the 16th century, Europeans fell in love with a number of exotic plants from the New World. But the potato wasn’t one of them. It would take two centuries and a spectacular PR campaign for people to even consider eating the ugly vegetable. But [...]

Crop circle secrets and physics

Its one the most enduring phenomena of recent times, but just how are complex crop circles created ? Richard Taylor, director of the Materials Science…

200ft crop circle within yards of Stonehenge

A massive crop circle has turned up in a wheat field right next to the historic Stonehenge. Speculation continues as to who is responsible, some belie…

The Crop Circle House

The Aliens may have been trying to tell us something by leaving those crop circles all those years; crop circles would be a neat design for a house. Jolson Architecture in Australia got the message by designing the Earth House. See link for gallery images. Link

The first crop circle of the season appears

A complex 100ft crop circle has turned up in a field of oil seed rape in Wiltshire, England. The site is something of a hotspot for crop circles, this…

Farmer Grows 3 Million Pumpkins

A British farm has harvested Europe’s largest crop of pumpkins in time for Halloween despite our changeable summer weather.The three million pumpkins growing at David Bowman Ltd farm in Spalding, Lincs., have been baked by heatwaves and battered by torrential rain.But they have reached their autumnal orange ripeness the perfect time and 100 staff are [...]