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Giant killer crocodile breaks world record

A massive crocodile caught in the Philippines has been confirmed as the largest in the world. At a staggering seven meters in length, the enormous rep…

World’s Largest Crocodile

That’s one big croc! A killer giant saltwater crocodile, recently captured in the Philippines, has set a new world record: Link Where have I seen that beast before? Oh yeah. 

30ft prehistoric crocodile discovered

A skull of a giant crocodile that lived 95 million years ago has been unearthed in Morocco. Known as Aegisuchus witmeri, the crocodile had a large ar…

Crocodile Captures Lawnmower

(YouTube link) Elvis the crocodile lives at Australian Reptile Park near Sydney. He did not appreciate the noisy lawnmower that was invading his territory, so he captured it and pulled it into his underwater home. Elvis stood guard over his catch until park staff could lure him away with kangaroo meat. When they recovered the mower, [...]

Scientists find giant extinct crocodile

A gigantic 20-foot crocodile would have lived alongside the world’s largest snake – the Titanoboa. The 60 million year-old Paleocene New World tropics…

Cute Baby Crocodiles

What’s so cute about a crocodile? Their babies! Believe it or not, mother crocodiles are caring and nurturing to their young, despite belonging to an ancient group of reptiles. Baby crocs even “talk” to their mothers before they hatch! Find out how at Environmental Graffiti. Link (Image credit: Flickr user Drew McLellan)

Giant crocodile captured in Philippines

The largest crocodile to be caught alive in years is to become part of a new ecotourism park. The gargantuan reptile measures 21ft long and weighs a w…

Fact: Crocodiles Can’t Chew

When I was a kid and Crocodile Dundee was popular (I predate Steve Irwin’s fame by about a decade, apparently), I was terrified that I’d find myself in some isolated swamp full of crocodiles, and that those crocodiles would, of course, want to eat me. I was maybe too young to watch the movie. Anyway, [...]

7 Terrifying Man-Eating Beasts

From a one-ton crocodile that may have killed 300 people to a leopard who munched on 250 different victims, this list of man-eating beasts is fascinating although a bit depressing. Link

11 Hilariously Overdramatic Signs

I don’t know where this sign is actually from, but it’s admittedly hilarious. It seems to be saying “don’t put your baby on the crocodile rail where it will become dinner.” Have you guys ever seen this or any of the other hilarious roadsigns from this 11 Points post? Link