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Amigurumi Memes

PSY by Jessica Nevin Jessica Nevin says she is fairly new to crochet, and has just made her very first amigurumi figures for a friend’s birthday. Her chosen subjects? Popular 2012 memes! No doubt you recognize singer PSY dancing “Gangnam Style,” and the other is the IKEA monkey, with his warm coat. The coat is green [...]

Crocheted Crochet Hook

This little amigurumi-style crochet hook is so happy. He wants to get right to work replicating himself in ominously vast numbers. You can find Nerdigurumi’s pattern at the link. Link -via Craftzine

Crocheted Anti-Facial Recognition System

How can you subvert a camera equipped with a facial-recognition system? With crochet! Howie Woo crocheted a mask with a series of detachable facial features that make you look more like a cartoon character than a real, recognizable person. Hey, these could be useful for creating real-life rage faces, too! There’s a video at his site [...]

10 Clever and Creative Crochet Creations

Those in the craft scene know that you can make anything with yarn and crochet hook. The internet has some extremely interesting projects that you’d never associate with yarn crafts -until you see them, that is. Here are ten finished products we’re glad someone thought of. 1. Game of Thrones Characters The House of Stark from the [...]

11 Geeky Craft Creations, Including Rainbow Brite vs. Strawberry Shortcake

There’s a lot of variety in geek crafting. Whether you geek out over Star Wars, Pokemon or marine biology, there are plenty of subjects for you to enjoy, whether you prefer them rendered via crocheting, sewing or felting. Cross Stitch If you spent your childhood playing Nintendo, then you’ll recognize the screen this cross stitch has captured [...]

Crochet Succulents Are Hardy As Can Be

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m terrible at gardening. That’s why these crochet succulent gardens seem like such a great option. If you know someone who wants a garden but kills plants at an record-breaking rate, these might make a great Valentine’s Day gift. Link Via CraftZine

Granny Crocheted TIE Fighters

These crochet TIE Fighters were created for the Stitch Wars Strikes Back show in Florida. What other space ships should be used for chrochet? Link

Crocheted Angry Birds

If you’ve always wanted to play angry birds in real life, just get a sling shot and then crochet some birds and pigs like Flickr user deadcraft did. Link

Doilies in Razor Wire

Crystal Gregory calls her project “Invasive Crochet” — the imposition of dainty doilies into harsh places. She writes that it: [...] challenges gender roles by placing handwork on hardened city surfaces around New York. Crocheting lace doilies onto the razor wire of an abandoned lot for the 14th Street public art show Art in Odd Places, [...]

Crocheted Green Eggs and Ham

Since it is Dr. Seuss’ 107th birthday, there’s no better time to dig into the green eggs and ham. These, however, are not edible, as they are a crocheted sculpture. Craftster user The Izz writes: I will crochet them in a box. I will crochet them with a fox. I will crochet them in a house. I will crochet [...]