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The United States Of Scary Things

Things are mighty scary in these United States, and the scary varies from state to state. These aren’t made up critters that go bump in the night though, these are real things that everyone should be scared of, like hurricanes and killer bees, zombie Lincoln and cheese heads?! Okay, so some of these things are made up, [...]

The Battle Of Shark Vs. Octopus Yields Surprising Results

(YouTube Link) Sharks are generally considered to be one of the fiercest critters under the sea, and while there’s still a lot we don’t know about the octopus they haven’t earned a fearsome reputation-yet. Watch these two underwater toughs go at it, in the battle to avoid becoming someone’s next meal there can be only one winner [...]

The Anatomy Of Movie Monsters And Aliens

Artist Brad McGinty is bringing the fun back to anatomical illustrations thanks to his new series dedicated to creatures and aliens from the big screen. It’s the next best thing to skinning one of these critters on your own, and this way you can avoid all that icky goo making a mess of your house. Link  –via [...]

The Underwater Sculptures Of Jason DeCaires Taylor

Jason DeCaires Taylor is an eco-sculptor, an artist who has found a way to make his sculptures meld seamlessly with the natural world. His works become one with nature and even support life, as demonstrated by the ring of sculptures shown above which now serve as habitats for coral and aquatic critters who fancy a human [...]

More Adventures in the Sloth Sanctuary

(Video Link) We’ve already featured a few videos from the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica, but when it comes to cute little baby critters like these, can you ever really get enough? Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Hi-Yo Silver Away!

(Video Link) This kitty certainly loves other critters, even horses. Now if only they could actually learn to do this while on the road, they could make their owners a fortune. Via Laughing Squid

Animal Covers

Isabelle Dansereau makes arty but protective felt sleeves for iPads, Macbooks, and Kindles. Besides the cat and fox, check out the wolf, elephant, owl, and more! See the rest of the critters at her Etsy store, Boutique ID. Link -via Laughing Squid

This Pitbull Just Loves His Kitty Friend

(Video Link) These two rescued critters are currently being fostered by YouTube user nrc5878. Apparently, in her home, kitties are in charge -not the pitbulls.

Watch A Dog Play With A Pig, Then Smile

(Video Link) These two critters are rescued animals that now reside over at the Hillside Animal Sanctuary. Aren’t they adorable together? Via Geekosystem

The Cutest Protestors At Occupy Wall Street

By now you’ve probably already seen a few pictures of pups from Occupy Wall Street, but if you want to see all the adorable critters, then check out the Awwccupy Wall Street blog, featuring cuties from protests around the globe. Link Via Laughing Squid