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There’s Something Strange About These Cops

Cops used to be content with sporting normal sized legs, but these days they need all the height they can get to see crimes happening across town. But can they actually run with those ridiculously long legs? Maybe the whole thing is just one big acid flashback triggered by watching Yellow Submarine too many times… Link

Hitachi’s New 3D Projector

This amazing new device does a lot more than project little duckies onto objects, it projects a truly 3d image onto whichever surface you choose. You can walk around your projection, view it from all sides, and would make for the greatest ghost prank ever. Scooby Doo-style crimes via ghostly projected images have never been [...]

Siblings sue mother for $50,000

A brother and sister have sued their own mother for $50,000 on the grounds of bad parenting. The actual crimes however are somewhat questionnable, Kim…