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Police Handcuffed Kindergartener for Throwing a Tantrum

When a 6-year-old girl in kindergarten got rowdy, the school principal called the cops, who came and handcuffed the child: According to the police report, kindergartner Salecia Johnson is accused of tearing items [...]

Hilarious Art School Advertising Campaign

I know the idea of going to art school is a concept that we as Americans lampoon every chance we get, but making it out to be some sort of PSA worthy societal problem is downright creative! This advertising campaign for the aptly named College for Creative Studies features young artists stuck in awkward situations when [...]

That Was Awkward: First Date Ended in Jail

Did you ever have an awkward first date? Not like this, you didn’t! Here’s how a couple’s first date ended up in the local jail: Florida police arrested two teenagers last week for allegedly attempting a "dine-and-ditch" after the couple [...]

Nun Robbed in Parking Lot

A man asking for money approached two nuns in a California parking lot. When the nuns refused to give him money the man made off with sister De Leon’s purse instead. This guy is on Santa’s naughty list for sure. Sister Mary De Leon was with another nun and had just finished their shopping at the [...]