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Bone Guillotine Made by a Prisoner of War

I figure that the guy who made this creepy model just wanted to persuade people around him to give him some space. At least, that’s what I’d do if my bunkmate made it. Pictured above is a twenty inch tall model of a guillotine made from bones. According to the British family that recently sold [...]

10 Absolutely Adorable Bugs

We tend to think of insects as creepy and crawly, but not so much cute. But there are some bugs that are simply precious…maybe not as much as a puppy or kitty, but definitely cute nonetheless. If you dig on six-legged cutie pies, then don’t miss this great article featuring some of the most photogenic [...]

The Human Centipede, Circa 1928

On Monday I’ll post my full review of The Extraordinary Catalog of Peculiar Inventions: The Curious World of the Demoulin Brothers and Their Fraternal Lodge Prank Machines (including my interview with its author, scholar-of-the-weird Julia Suits). But to whet your appetite for that review, and freak you out just a bit before Halloween, I [...]

10 Things Your Body Can Do After Death

Last week, I told you about 10 Things You Can Do With Your Ashes, but if you want to read about some really creepy postmortem activities, be sure to check out Mental Floss’ great article about 10 Things Your Body Can Do After You Die, including getting married and standing trial. Link

The Horror Train of Japan

Got a spoiled brat? When scoldings and time-outs don’t work, scare ‘em straight with the horror train. Yes, that’s right: here’s the Yokai Train, a scary summer “attraction” in Kyoto, Japan, featuring creepy monster aboard a train. As the Yokai Train leaves the station, a spooky sounds can be heard coming from the speakers, and the monsters [...]

Bill VS Betty

Bill VS Betty features mash ups of Bill Murray’s face over Betty White’s face and Betty White’s face over Bill Murray’s. While some of them are kind of creepy, you will be surprised that for some, both of these beloved comic icons are even more intriguing morphed together. Link

10 Creepiest Abandoned Morgues on Earth

Abandoned places can be creepy. Morgues are always creepy to most people. Put them together, and you’ve got some really creepy places -and even more so when you know their history. Environmental Graffiti has a photo collection of abandoned morgues in hospitals, asylums, municipalities, military bases, and even this one from Ellis Island. Link (Image credit: [...]

Creepy Russian Propaganda Posters

I’ve been hanging out over at English Russia a lot recently, and I came across an archive of Russian propaganda posters. I’d wager that Russia has historically been the world’s most prolific producer of posters like this, so there’s lots to choose from and cherry-pick when looking for creepy stuff. (Though not so creepy that [...]

Weird Websites of the Week: Badly Stuffed Animals and Birds With Arms

Plenty of people make their living as taxidermists, so I don’t want to say — and don’t really agree — that taxidermy is itself intrinsically creepy. It can serve important functions, like creating displays at museums of natural history. But there’s something undeniably creepy about taxidermy that’s done badly, which is the modus behind the [...]

Crows Remember Who Wronged Them

I always thought the way crows seem to examine humans was a little creepy. As it turns out, I was right; they’re looking at you so they can tell if you have wronged them in the past. A new study has revealed that crows memorize the faces of people who have wronged them and they may [...]