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Prehistoric fish was first to grow teeth

Scientists believe the first creature with teeth was a fish that lived 380 million years ago. Researchers discovered evidence of teeth in placoderms, …

11 Legendary Monsters of Africa

The legendary monsters series continues with some scary stories from Africa. There are so many nations and discrete communities in Africa that the problem here was not finding the legendary stories, but whittling down the list to a manageable number. 1. Inkanyamba The Inkanyamba is a huge carnivorous eel-like animal in the legends of the Zulu and [...]

10 Legendary Monsters of Europe

There are monsters all around us -or at least the legends of monsters. Last week we saw some of the monsters of Asia. Now here are some of the scariest monsters of Europe. 1. Kelpie The Kelpie lives in the lakes and rivers of Scotland, and is often referred to as a “water horse” because it is [...]

Vampire ‘Squid from Hell’ revealed

Scientists have revealed new details about a truly bizarre creature based on 30 years of research. The vampiric ‘Squid from Hell’ is a strange combina…

Cuddly Silence Plush

This creature supposedly appeared in a few episodes of Series 6 of Doctor Who, but I have no memory of it at all. And I watched carefully. Crafter Suzannah Ashley must be trying to pull a fast one on us. Link -via Super Punch

A Sea Slug Out of Water?

This jewel caterpillar might look like something that belongs on the ocean floor, but it is a purely terrestrial creature. Scuba instructor and amateur wildlife photographer Gerardo Aizpuru captured these amazing photos of a lovely and strange caterpillar. Within hours of uploading them, they spread around the net and were identified as an Acraga coa [...]

Does Bigfoot live in the Russian tundra ?

An international team of experts has concluded that there is a 95% chance of the creature’s existence. Consisting of experts from as far afield as Can…

Brittle Star Walks Like a Man

Whodathunk that brittle star walks like a man. After all, unlike the bilaterally symmetrical humans, the sea creature is round and has five limbs: In a series of first-time experiments, Brown University evolutionary [...]

Rabbit Creature Camouflage Teacup

Rabbit Creature Camouflage Teacup  - $25.95 Easter is almost here. Are you still searching for the perfect gift for your favorite rabbit fanatic? You need the Rabbit Creature Camouflage Teacup from the NeatoShop. This beautiful porcelain teacup, with hidden rabbit and rabbit’s tail handle, is designed by Ange-line Tetrault. Creature Camouflage Teacup also available in Fox and [...]

‘Lake monster’ filmed in Iceland

A snake-like creature has been filmed moving slowly through a frozen glacial lake in Iceland. Some believe the video to show evidence of the legendary…