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11 TV Theme Songs That Secretly Have Lyrics

Chances are, you’ve been humming these classic TV theme songs for years. Now you can get their lyrics stuck in your head, too. 1. We mentioned last week that Andy Griffith recorded a version of “The Fishing Hole” – AKA the theme song to The Andy Griffith Show – that was replaced by the all-whistling version. [...]

The Starship Enterprise is Made of Poplar

Last week marked the 45th anniversary of Star Trek‘s debut on TV. As part of the anniversary-related festivities, the Smithsonian is highlighting the original Enterprise model used on the show, which is part of the museum’s permanent collection. (We’re talking about the NCC-1701, naturally.) The model is 11 feet long and weighs [...]

The Original USS Enterprise

Believe it or not -tomorrow will mark 45 years since we first saw the USS Enterprise. The original Star Trek series premiered on NBC September 8th, 1966. I case you’ve ever wondered who ended up with the starship we saw in the opening credits, it’s in good hands at the Smithsonian Institution. The model’s principal designer, [...]