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Holiday Ice Cream Sandwich Molds

Holiday Ice Cream Sandwich Molds – $12.95 Are you looking for a cool way to celebrate the holiday season? You need the Holiday Ice Cream Sandwich Molds from the NeatoShop. This delicously fun set includes 3 molds: snowflake, snowman, and gingerbread man.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Christmas Entertaining ideas.  Link

Ice Cream Sliders: Yay Or Yuck?

This is the first sandwich I’ve seen in a long time that didn’t make me sad about the fact that I can’t eat gluten any more. I might like cinnamon ice cream and bacon, but putting that on a bun is just one step too far into savory. Link POLL: Would You Eat An Ice Cream Slider? I [...]

25 Deep-Fried Foods From the Texas State Fair

For years, county fairs have been at the forefront of deep-frying science, splicing and creating mutant “foods” that are all at once monstrous and wondrous. The Texas State Fair — the largest state fair in the country — holds a yearly competition for the most innovative deep-fried foods. Here are 25 fried Frankenfoods from fairs past: 1. [...]

Swan Cream Puffs

Barbara’s cream puffs are so beautiful that I almost don’t want to eat them. Almost. Herein lies the tragedy: to experience the fullness of the majesty of the puffs, you must destroy them. Link -via Tasteologie

Yummy Pockets Ice Cream Sandwich

Yummy Pockets Ice Cream Sandwich – $4.95 School is just around the corner! Are you looking for a deliciously fun way to store your favorite Pens & Pencils? Treat yourself to the very cool Yummy Pockets Ice Cream Sandwich from the NeatoShop. This sweet pouch is shaped like a delightfully large frozen confection. Be sure to check [...]

Solar Powered Ice Cream Cart

The Dutch design firm Springtime invented this ice cream cart. The solar cells on the roof collect enough energy to keep the ice cream chilled: The ice cream carts were designed to have a solar panel attached to the roof, which charges the batteries in order to keep the ice nice and cold on a hot [...]

S’More Ice Cream Sandwiches

Get in my belly! All of the major components in Bright-Eyed Baker’s amazing concoction are homemade: the marshmallows, the graham crackers and even the ice cream. She dipped the graham crackers in chocolate and mixed marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs into the ice cream. You can find her recipe at the link. Link -via Tasteologie

Spaghetti Ice Cream

This culinary wonder isn’t spaghetti, but an ice cream sundae made to look like it. Spaghetti eis is a German creation dating back to the 60s. It consists of vanilla ice cream formed into noodles and topped with strawberry syrup. Link -via Offbeat Home | Photo: gillyberlin

Ice Cream or Not Ice Cream?

As we plod through the heat wave of the summer, few things are more refreshing than an ice cream treat. The biggest problem is getting it from the store to the house before it melts! But if you look in the supermarket aisle full of frozen treats, the products range from popsicles to ice cream [...]

Motorized Ice Cream Cone

Motorized Ice Cream Cone | $9.95 Enjoy your ice cream the hi-tech way with the Motorized Ice Cream Cone from the NeatoShop! Just push the button and the patented battery-operated turntable mechanism automatically turns your ice cream while you lick -no drips, no mess, and it’s fun! Choose from green, orange, pink, and purple cones that [...]