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Block Crayons

Block Crayon – School Pack | $16.95 How neat is this -building blocks made of crayon, so your little ones can color and build at the same time! The Block Crayon School Pack from the NeatoShop comes with 24 stackable crayons in the shapes of both cubes and sculpted animals. Block crayons make a great gift [...]

Stack-A-Doodle Stackable Block Crayons

Stack-A-Doodle Stackable Block Crayons – $7.45 Are ordinary crayons too pedestrian for your little Picasso? You need the Stack-A-Doodle Stackable Block Crayons from the NeatoShop. This fantastic set of 13 crayons are shaped like stackable bricks. Now your favorite artist can draw, build, and stack to their hearts content. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for [...]

Roseart v. Crayola: the Sun Test

Photo credit: Katiedidit Reddit user Katiedidit was making some art by melting crayons on a canvas in the hot Texas sun. She had a couple of brands on hand and decided to try each on a canvas. Surprisingly, the Roseart barely melted, making you wonder… What’s in those things if not paraffin? Link via Geekologie

The Floors of Heike Weber

Heike Weber surely didn’t listen to her parents as a toddler writing on walls with crayons. But that probably turned out well, as her art installation, where she drew on acrylic floor and walls with permanent markers, is absolutely fascinating. Link – via book of joe

How Crayons Are Made

(Video Link) The Canadian documentary show How It’s Made shows viewers how ordinary objects in their lives are created. This segment explains how crayons are made. The factory in the video can produce 30,000 crayons an hour. via Flavorwire | Show Website (warning: sound)

Mr. Rogers: The Crayon Factory

Remember when Mr. Rogers explained how Crayons were made? I have heard this Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood segment referenced by friends as a sort of touchstone of their youth, but I had never seen it until now. Interestingly, it looks like Mr. Rogers himself never actually went to the Crayola factory, but he does narrate the [...]