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Little Craig’s List

Photo: BizarroComics Whatever your kids may have wished for, there are worse things they could have put on their list. Much worse things. As an avid Craig’s List user, I can tell you there is definitely a strange assortment of crap on there. It can really be a whole other kind of strange- a deviant kind [...]

Get Crap Done Pen

Get Crap Done Pen – $13.95 You are responsible. You are determined. You are drowning in work. Get motivated and tackle your overwhelmingly large To-Do list with the Get Crap Done pen from the NeatoShop.  This hilarious pen comes printed with the text “Get Crap Done.” The box includes additional motivational texts like: Mightier Than Chaos Show The [...]

Here’s A Funny GIF About Facebook Stock

As I mentioned above, here’s a GIF about Facebook stock prices plummeting, and the movie version of Zuckerberg isn’t taking the news very well. It took me on an emotional rollercoaster ride and wasted ten valuable seconds of my life that I’ll probably miss when the Grim Reaper shows up pointing his bony finger at me. [...]

Random Crap Tin Cigar Box

Random Crap Tin Cigar Box – $14.95 Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the random crap you would never dream of parting with, but have no idea why you have? No, don’t get rid of it! Organize it with the Random Crap Tin Cigar Box from the NeatoShop. This little box will provide the perfect home [...]

10 Idiotic Things Being Sold On eBay Right Now

To be fair, I’m not entirely sure that a velvet painting of Admiral Ackbar belongs in an article titled “10 Crazy Pieces of Crap On eBay Right Now.” Personally, I think it’s pretty awesome. Even so, a lot of the other items certainly do belong there. Check out the rest over on Oddee. Link

Neon CRAP Sign in Idaho Neighborhood

A new glowing neon sign appeared in Nampa, Idaho around Christmas. It wasn’t a holiday decoration. Large red letters spell out the word CRAP. Ryan Gravette remembers the day the sign came to town. “We actually had some friends over,” Gravette said. “They went out and said: ‘Do you realize that there’s a sign that says crap [...]