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10 Great Crafts to Make Your DIY Halloween Extra Spooky

Decorating for Halloween can be a lot of fun, but it can also get down right expensive, especially if you want a lot of variety. Fortunately, if you have a bit of crafting expertise and a little extra time on your hands, you can always try making your own Halloween decorations from some of these [...]

Two Years of Tiny Knitting

Anna Hrachovec knits a lot, but always in little quantities as you can tell from the pictures of her projects above. At one point, she challenged herself to make one tiny knitted project per week and since that point, she’s stayed on the schedule for two years straight. Over at Craftzine, you can read a [...]

Needle-Felted Sloths

How cute are these sloths? The entire family was made by a crafter in Hokkaido, Japan. See more pictures at Craftzine. Link -via Rue The Day

Chemical Crayon

Photo: Queinteresante – via Craftzine Etsy seller Queinteresante combines chemistry and art by creating clear labels of the names of chemicals that make the colors of crayons. Perfect for writing poetry: Roses are Ruby Al2O3:CrViolets are Vanadyl VO2+(aq)

Crochet Jägermeister Bottle

I love this crochet Jägermeister bottle made by crafter Yummy Pancake. You can find more crochet goodness at PlushYou! where Kristin Rask of Schmancy posted an interview with the crocheter (a pharmaceutical project manager by day and uber crafter by night, mind you): Link – via Rue the Day and Craftzine

Knitted Hats For Babies

Etsy user Tiny Tangerine, aka Kelly Burghardt, knits these adorable baby hats. My favorite is the cow hat. Craftzine has a great interview with her or you can just click on the link and look at her great gallery of work. Link Via Craftzine