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New Year’s Eve Confetti Clock Cookies

These treats made by Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me are perfect for New Year’s Eve! Each cookie has three layers. The center layer has a hole in the center. That’s where the star-shaped sprinkles go. Wait until the ball drops, the break them open. Link -via Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

Cuddly Silence Plush

This creature supposedly appeared in a few episodes of Series 6 of Doctor Who, but I have no memory of it at all. And I watched carefully. Crafter Suzannah Ashley must be trying to pull a fast one on us. Link -via Super Punch

Practical Tattoo Provides a Shopping or To-Do List

Do you remember Floyd Davis, the man who turned a toolbox into a boombox? Being a successful crafter means being organized. So Davis had Jason Hoodrich ink this tattoo on his arm. Except for the lines, the notepad is blank. Davis fills it in before he heads to the hardware store for supplies. Link | Davis’s [...]

Horseshoe Knife

I’ve just discovered that there’s a crafting tradition of forging horseshoes into knives. This knife by Reed’s Blacksmith Shop in Arizona is a good example. The blade is four inches long and the knife comes with a fitted sheath. Link | Crafter’s Website

Meter Monster

Meter Monster wants your quarters and fingers. Hanasaurusrex left this yarn bomb on a parking meter in Honolulu, Hawaii. Link -via Booooooom! | Crafter’s Website

Clothespin Critters

Open wide, Sebastian! The crafting studio Molas & Co. is devoted to one thing: finding art and amusement in the hinge of a clothespin. This chameleon is one of many hungry clothespin animals. Link -via Chantal van der Velden-Mullens | Crafter’s Website

Felted Fantastic Four Cover

Felt knitting master D. Campbell MacKinlay reproduced a 1966 Jack Kirby cover right down to the details of the Comics Code logo. The best part is that Grimm’s mitts project out of the surface. Link -via Nerdcore | Crafter’s Website

Portal Christmas Tree

Will Santa be confused by where to put the presents? No. Kudos to the brilliant but so far unknown crafter responsible for this Christmas tree. -via Super Punch

Needle-Felted Sloths

How cute are these sloths? The entire family was made by a crafter in Hokkaido, Japan. See more pictures at Craftzine. Link -via Rue The Day

Stuffed Animal Dress

New Orleans-based crafter Miss Malaprop made a dress covered with stuffed animals for the most recent Mardi Gras. She accidentally sewed through her finger with a sewing machine needle while making it, but “Either way, I’m happy with the way it turned out, it was very fun to wear and very SOFT!” Link via Craft