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Fantastically Fun Burger Creations

Look out, it’s Crabzilla, filled with crab meat, lemon, lettuce, mango, oranges, and tomatoes. Not your style, well don’t worry, Thomas and Quentin of Fat and Furious are sure to have something that will impress both your tastebuds and your eyes, like the fancy Bun, James Bun below with gold tinfoil-wrapped patties, quail eggs, lettuce, [...]

Cheerleader Crab Waves Pompons

(YouTube link) This is the boxer crab (Lybia Tesselatta), also known as the pom pom crab -for obvious reasons. It uses sea anemones as defensive weapons against predators, waving them around like pompons! -via the Presurfer

20 Incredible Coconut Crab Photos

The coconut crab is the world’s largest land arthropod. If you don’t believe me, see this pictorial evidence that may haunt your dreams or delight your eyes at Environmental Graffiti. Link (Image credit: Angelo O’Connor Villagomez)

Visualizing Space Based on Place Names

It’s hard to imagine the crab nebula and lagoon nebula in your head, but with the cool artworks that make up the Zoological Universe make the names seem more sensible and make the beauty of these photos of space even easier to appreciate. Link Via Etsy

Hermit Crabs Queue Up To Trade Shells

Biologists studying hermit crabs in a tiny island in the Caribbean Sea discovered something interesting: they’re quite civilized! When a lone crab encountered one of the beautiful new shells, it immediately inspected the [...]

Meet Claude the Tasmanian Giant Crab

Meet Claude the Tasmanian giant crab, who was saved from boiling death when a British aquarium bought him: Catch of the day: Held up by Sealife aquarist Jemma Battric, Claude weighs a mighty [...]

Hermit Crab Tries on LEGO Shell

(Video Link) Harry, a crab who lives at LEGOLAND (it’s apparently spelled in all capital letters) in Windsor, Berkshire, UK, decided to see what all the fuss was about. He found a shell crafted from LEGO blocks and slipped right in. Link (warning: auto-sound) -via Technabob

Crab Galaxies

Some crab species burrow homes into sandy beaches. As they dig, they form sand and dirt into small spheres, which they then push to the surface. When large colonies of crabs are active, they can form unintentional but intricate and beautiful patterns, such as this one in Thailand. You can view many more pictures at [...]

Hairy Crab Dubbed “The Hoff”

If you were to find a new species of animal with a hairy chest, it would only make sense to name it after actor David Hasselhoff. That’s what happened when a new hairy species of yeti crab was documented near thermal vents in the Southern Ocean off Antarctica. The crabs were found in piles around hydrothermal [...]

Yeti Crab, the Gardener of Bacteria

This crab has got a green thumb … er, make that white , hairy claw. Marine ecologist Andrew Thurber, who was studying a new species of yeti crab (named after the hair-like brisles on its claws) called Kiwa [...]