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Firemen rescue cow stuck in a tree

Fire-fighters spent over four hours engaged in a particularly unusual rescue operation. The cow, a calf called ‘Sparkle’, had managed to get itself in…

Firefighters Rescue Cow Stuck in Tree

Firefighters are, of course, so frequently summoned by anxious cow owners that it’s almost proverbial: Fire crews in Cumbria were surprised to receive a call to rescue the cow, which had toppled 10 meters down a slope of the river Leith before a tree broke its fall. [...] The animal was sedated by a vet before being [...]

Really Strange School Mascots

You’ve read about funny college sports mascots, but have you ever seen a purple cow? Meet Ephelia, the Williams College purple cow. Back in 1865, two young women at Williams College in Massachusetts wanted to make sure that the school’s baseball team had an official team color before they faced Harvard in the intercollegiate champion [...]

Are You Cow Enough to Get Free Chicken?

Hungry? Happen to have a cow costume? Well then, you could go get a free meal from Chik-Fill-A. The only condition? You have to dress like a cow. What’s your dignity worth? If you aren’t willing to go head-to-toe cow, you can get partial credit if you just wear a little cow fashion and earn a [...]

Don’t Have A Cow, Man!

Don’t Have A Cow, Man! – $11.95 (front and back shown) Summer is here! It is time to shake the dust off your one-horse town, gather your gear,  and get out there and watch  TV in different time zones.  But wait!  Aye carumba, are you in need of a new water bottle?  Listen to your heart, [...]

Cow Proposal

Yesterday we saw a proposal delivered by a kitten. Today, it’s a cow! Nathan Evans of Bracknell, England, wanted his ask Angela Olano for her hand in marriage in a way that would be meaningful to her. Olano really likes cows, so Evans contacted the organizers of the South England Show about borrowing a bovine. [...]


Cow eyes are a great convenience food. Like pizza rolls or jalapeno poppers, you can just microwave a few when you want a snack. They were among the exotic dishes served at the 108th Explorers Club Annual Dinner in New York City this past Saturday. Others include hog mask, scorpions and jellyfish. Read the full [...]

6 Animals That Lived Unbelievably Long Lives

Is giving a cow whiskey the secret to ensuring it will live a long healthy life? It might sound silly, but if Bertha, the world’s longest-living cow had a few shots every year before staring in the St. Patrick’s Day parade, then who knows, maybe it helps. Interestingly, Bertha also holds the record for most [...]

The Late Movies: Song and Dance Cows

Cows are pretty entertaining. When they’re not taking off in UFOs, they are dancing and singing! Tap Dancing Cow For Cadbury! * Cows & Cows & Cows Coweography by Cyriak Harris. * More Tap Cows have always had a soft spot for the call and response dances. * In the Moood The organic dairy cows of Britain are so happy, they dance! * I Am Cow Some cows sing! [...]

Mutilated cow found at Northland farm

Police were called in after a cow on a farm in Northland was found with its organs surgically removed. Missouri officers arrived on the scene to find …