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Bridal Brokerage Buys and Resells Cancelled Weddings

The existence of this cunning business warms my Ferengi heart. Every year, thousands of weddings are cancelled, leaving reservations, flowers, catering and other arrangements left paid for but useless. Bridal Brokerage buys those wedding off the hands of splitting couples and resells them to people who want fancy weddings–but only at steep discounts. Link -via The [...]

Fungus-Infected Toenail Cookies

Why do these bloody toes taste so good? Because they’re actually cookies! Natasha Collins made these cookies as well as severed ear cakepops. Good news, couples: she also does wedding cakes! Link -via Laughing Squid | Artist’s Website

Well, They Are Already In Bikinis

If you love random, geeky Flickr finds, then you’ll appreciate the fact that I happened to stumble upon this great photo while looking for geeky couples for a Mental Floss feature I was working on recently. Wookies and Leias chilling poolside? I couldn’t help but share it with you guys. Link

Competition for the World’s Longest Kiss

As of Saturday, fourteen couples in Thailand were competing to engage in the longest continuous kiss. They’ve already broken the previous record of 32 hours, 7 minutes, and 14 seconds. Does that sound romantic? Just remember that every so often, the couple gets to take a “comfort break”. While still kissing. Link (self-starting audio/video)

Codependency Suit

It’s often cute when couples dress in matching outfits. Artist Nonaine took this practice a step further with her Codependency Suit. It can be two separate outfits, or it can join together into one. At the link, you can see similar shirts and hooded capes that couples can use to bind themselves together. Link via GearFuse [...]