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Is Richard III buried under a car park ?

Archaeologists believe the remains of King Richard III could be buried underneath a council car park. The exact burial place of Richard III has remain…

School Lunch Blogger Stopped by Authorities

Martha Payne, the 9-year-old blogger in Scotland who went viral documenting her school lunches for two months has been shut down by the local council. The blog had caused visible improvement in the quality of the local school lunches, and had raised £2,000 for a food charity. But Martha was called out of class yesterday [...]

Knope-Newport and 6 Other Memorable TV Elections

Image credit: Tonight’s season finale of Parks and Recreation will feature one of the most hotly contested elections since Truman defeated Dewey. While we wait to see whether Leslie Knope trumps Bobby Newport for a seat on the Pawnee City Council, here are some of our other favorite TV election episodes. 1. Cheers After Boston City Councilman [...]

An Attachment About Attachments

The Islington Council made a sign warning people not to attach anything to park furniture or trees -and then attached it to a tree at Highbury Fields in north London, England. A neighboring architect, who was annoyed at the many signs posted recently, went to remove the sign and was surprised to see who had [...]

Urban Dinosaurs by Andy Council

Did I see trafficjamosaurus there somewhere? Designer Andy Council of Bristol, England, created a series of urban dinosaurs in which he imagined prehistoric creatures arising from the urban landscape of skyscrapers and highways. Link | [...]

Girl Scouts Fight for Their Right to Pee Outdoors

If you’re in Ohio and can’t live without Thin Mints, you’d better give the Ohio Girl Scout Council a call and demand they leave their existing camping sites open to the troops. Otherwise, you may very well be subject to a shortage of Samoas. That’s because a number of troops in the state are planning to [...]

Council places "keep off" sign on tiny verge

The London council has been quizzed over its bizarre use of “keep off the grass” signs. Locals were left baffled when one sign was placed on a tiny pi…

Council quizzed over zombie invasion plans

Questions arose after Leicester City Council was asked to release its zombie invasion plans. Robert Ainsley lodged a formal query via the Freedom of I…

Council Sends Refugees to Dog Club

The Hammersmith and Fulham Council in England is in the process of selling off a building to make room for the West London free school. Twenty community aid organizations are being evicted. One of them is the Afghan Council UK, which advises refugees from Afghanistan. The report suggested that refugees who use the centre could instead [...]

Madison, Wisconsin’s Official Bird: Pink Plastic Flamingo!

The budget wasn’t the only thing that the council members of Madison, Wisconsin, had to consider during its meeting: they also decided to make the plastic lawn flamingo its official bird! The new mascot was debated for five minutes, and then the Common Council voted 15-4 to make the plastic pink flamingo the official city bird. The [...]