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If Classic Art Conformed to Modern Beauty Standards

These days, women portrayed in popular media tend to be thin with medium or large breasts. But a few hundred years ago, a few curves meant you lived the good life and indulged in tasty treats the impoverished couldn’t afford. Classical artists tended to portray models that way. So what would your favorite classical paintings look [...]

Don’t Knick His Face!

Sure it’s a cutting board, but I still couldn’t help but feel bad if I cut poor Mario. That being said, it’s still a great take on Mario’s delightful 8-bit self. Sure $110 is a lot for a cutting board, but I’m sure a lot of work went into hand-making this detailed creation. Link Via Nerdalicious

The Cutest Case Mod Ever

Just look at those eyes! This is the one computer I couldn’t bring myself to kick when it inevitably crashes in the middle of a major project that I neglected to save for the last hour (yes, I know it’s my own darn fault, shut up). Best of all, he even comes with his little [...]

Martin Luther Insult Generator

“You are like mouse-dropping in the pepper.” I couldn’t agree more. The Sixteenth Century German theologian Martin Luther has a lot to say to you, it’s all bad, and you deserve it. Click on the link to begin the tirade from Luther’s collected works. Link -via @BrainPicker | Image via CTSWyneke

The Dalek Advent Calendar

I would love having one of these in my house except that I couldn’t help but feel like I was counting down the days to my own EXTERMINATion rather than Christmas. Link Via Craftzine

Sesame Street’s Grover Gives Isaiah Mustafa a Run for His Money

Fabio couldn’t hold a candle to the Old Old Spice Guy, but Grover… well, Grover might be a worthy competitor. Link

Daschund Saves Owner and Inspires Recovery

Tom McKinney of Yuba City, California fell off a ladder and couldn’t move. His neck was broken. His 10-year-old daschund Chelse was the one who found him. No one else was around, so McKinney told Chelse to get help -and she did, by waking McKinney’s sleeping wife and alerting her to the emergency. Now, Chelse [...]

2011 Valor Dog of the Year

The Humane Society of the United States named Yogi, a golden retriever, the 2011 Valor Dog of the Year for saving his owner’s life after a bicycle accident. Paul Horton of Austin, Texas, went over the handlebars on his mountain bike and landed on his head. Horton was knocked unconscious. When he woke up, he couldn’t [...]

E-Ink on Cloth Could Make Video Screen T-Shirts

Just when you thought advertisements couldn’t be any more invasive of our daily lives, E-Ink (the same company that makes the display screens for the Kindle) has created cloth video screens. There are many applications this could be used for from screens on T-shirts to packaging to magazines. At the link check out some of [...]

Math Movie Quiz

Can you figure out what movie each of these mathematical equations represents? I couldn’t. There are a lot of good guesses in the comments at Spiked Math Comics, but no definitive answer list. Link -via Geeks Are Sexy