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Notice Anything Weird About This Couch?

In this case, chocolate isn’t just the name of the color, but the name of the frosting flavor. That’s right, it’s a delicious chocolate-covered couch made by Leandro Erlich. Link Via CraftZine

Planking: Parkour for Couch Potatoes!

You want to try parkour but it’s just too darned difficult! What to do? Well, don’t worry – you can try planking, the so-called parkour for couch potatoes: Link (A friendly word of warning: do not plank on a police car. They frown on that)

Man Goes Home Somewhere Else

According to police, Mark C. Sirben of Spring Hill, Florida, was so drunk that he went home, made himself a snack, and passed out on the couch. But it wasn’t his home. It wasn’t even in Spring Hill -the home was in Palm Harbor! The sleeping woman who actually lived there heard someone coughing in [...]

Cool Non-Literary Uses for Books

I know you Neatoramanauts are a smart bunch, so I know most of you would rather read a book than destroy it. That being said, there are still far too many books in this world that are destroyed or contain terrible stories. Even if you like a book, you might end up with a copy [...]

Ugliest Couch Contest

That’s one ugly couch! It was the winner in the 2010 Worldwide Ugly Couch Contest. But you may know of a couch even uglier. Poor you. The search is on for the 2011 winner, so submit a picture of your ugly couch now. Link -via J-Walk Blog

Ruptured Mustard Packet Throw Pillow

Ew, you spilled it all over the couch! Etsy seller diffractionfiber made this throw pillow and felt spill mark. She was inspired by Chicagoans’ affinity for the condiment: One of the first life lessons I learned after moving to Chicago was that it was blasphemous to use ketchup on your hot dog. “Real” Chicagoans use Mustard [...]

Kitty Couch Potatoes

The Mail Online website has compiled a collection of photographs with “the best of the kitty couch potatoes.” As a little bonus, here’s a true couch potato photo of Prosit, the cat that has previously been featured here at Neatorama for the Caption Monkey 40: O RLY? post. Link – via Pusha

Skouching: Skiing for Couch Potatoes

Attention, couch potatoes! Wanna ski but too lazy to get off the sofa to hit the slopes? Try skouching: Just screw a pair of skis to an old sofa or La-Z-boy and down you go! Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] The only bad thing about skouching is that you have to push the sofa [...]

Background on the Couch Gag that Banksy Did for The Simpsons

The producers of The Simpsons arranged for the British street artist Banksy to write the “couch gag” that takes place in the introduction to The Simpsons. But how did they manage to get in contact with this elusive, mysterious artist? David Itzkoff of The New York Times interviewed executive producer Al Jean: I saw the film [...]

11 of the Most Bizarre DUI Stories Ever Told

You don’t have to be actually driving a car to be arrested for drunk driving. People have been arrested while operating a horse-and-buggy, a golf cart, or even a couch. In perhaps the most absurd DUI case ever recorded, Dennis LeRoy Anderson, a 62 year old Minnesota couch potato with far too much time on his [...]