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5-Person Assembling Voltron Costume

Crazy Ray did more than build a Voltron costume. He did more than build costumes for the five lion mechas. He built five lion mecha costumes that can be assembled into one costume for Voltron, Defender of the Far Universe. Still no Blazing Sword, though. That’ll have to wait until next Halloween. Link

Ellen’s Favorite Halloween Costumes For Kids

(YouTube Link) Ellen DeGeneres is a big fan of Halloween, and we’re big fans of cute kids all decked out in cute costumes ready to go out trick-or-treating, so this video is right up our alley! And do you know what makes this video truly great to watch? It’s freakin’ hilarious! For realsies, these costumes are clever [...]

10 Weird, Funny and Just Plain Weird Halloween Costumes

Some of these scary dog costumes aren’t really that bad, but others really are the things nightmares are made of -take this human mask for example. Yikes! Link

Cat Box Costumes

You know what cats love? Costumes! Nothing gives them more delight than playing dress-up. Now not everyone can afford store-bought costumes, so the enterprising blogger Toshiya86 uses cardboard boxes instead. All that’s necessary is to ensure that the cat doesn’t pull his head out of the hole. Link -via Daily of the Day

10 Hilarious Pictures of Animals in Clothing

Sure cats and dogs in costumes are pretty darn funny, but horses and geese? Now that’s just plain “redonkeyless.” That’s why this Oddee article is just so darn fun. Link

What Female Comic Characters Wear in Cold Weather

Sure a leafy bathing suit is sexy, but it’s not exactly comfortable in the cool weather. That’s why Hanie Mohd has given some of the most famous ladies of comics new costumes that are a lot more comfortable for chilly seasons. Link Via io9

Father and Son Adventure Time Cosplay

Thus it always was: Finn was born to adventure and Jake to help him. Fashionably Geek reader Chris took this photo of simple but effective costumes. Finn doesn’t stay this size. No, he gets much bigger. Link

The Most Excellent Halloween

How do you make costumes designed around a 20-year-old movie work? You get all of your friends involved! The gang at Intense Individuals did just that last year, and dressed as almost the entire cast of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. See more pictures at their site. Link -via Buzzfeed

Great Pictures From The 2011 Blizzcon

If you missed the 2011 Blizzcon, but are a huge fan of WOW and other Blizzard games, you won’t want to miss Geeks Are Sexy’s wonderful collection of the greatest costumes from the event. Some of the outfits are seriously impressive. Link

14 Sexy Costumes That Shouldn’t Exist

BuzzFeed has a great collection of “sexy” costumes that make no sense. I actually think the one above is kind of cute, but it’s still idiotic to have a sexy version of Edward Scissorhands. Link