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Behind the Scenes on the Original Alien Set

Ridley Scott’s prequel Prometheus comes out next month, so prepare yourself by revisiting the original Alien movies. Or maybe just the first couple of them. Go look at a collection of photographs taken on the set of the first film -and you’ll get to see the actor who is inside this Alien Queen costume. Link

The World’s Saddest Horse

Of course, while the stallion may be embarrassed beyond belief, the little girl looks ridiculously happy with her cute outfit and amazing costume. Link Via BuzzFeed

Zombie Iron Man Is Falling Apart

Zombie Iron Man showed up at the Paris Zombie Walk 2011 looking like a billion bucks. I’m surprised he wasn’t at Occupy Wall Street supporting the 1% by eating protestor’s brains! Wouldn’t it be hilarious if this caught on as a Halloween costume? Link

Cosplayer’s Smashingly Awesome Hulk Costume

Our pal Geeks are Sexy blog went to the Montreal Comic-Con 2011 and snapped a bunch of neat photos of cosplayers there. My favorite is this one … what a smashing Hulk costume! Link

Extreme Ironing on a Freeway

(Video Link) Extreme ironing is a sport in which people take an iron, an ironing board, and clothing to extreme locations, such as mountaintops or erupting volcanoes. Participants then proceed to neatly iron the items of clothing. Security camera footage in the UK caught one man ironing in the middle of a freeway. That section had [...]

Grape Dog Costume

Looking to torture your four-legged friend with the sound of squeaking balloons and the feeling of extra bumpers that prevent him from getting comfortable? Look no further than this adorable, yet highly unfunctional dog grape costume. Link Via Craftzine Image Via Doggie Stylish

Marie Antoinette Costume

Still haven’t got your Halloween costume yet? If you’re willing to put a lot of work into the effort, consider this gory, historical and somehow, still beautiful headless Marie Antoinette costume. Link Via Craftzine Image Via Make Magazine