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New York Comic-Con 2011 Photos

There was a huge turnout of cosplayers at new York’s Comic-Con, and Geeks Are Sexy was there to document them. See their gallery of 43 photographs of the best costumes to be seen at the convention. Link

Cosplayer’s Smashingly Awesome Hulk Costume

Our pal Geeks are Sexy blog went to the Montreal Comic-Con 2011 and snapped a bunch of neat photos of cosplayers there. My favorite is this one … what a smashing Hulk costume! Link

The Ultimate In Dog Cosplay

Dante was looking quite stylish at the Otakon Convention in the great Okami Amaterasu costume his owners made for him. While I’ve seen a lot of great cosplayers in my day, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog with such a great costume before. Have you? Link Via The Mary Sue