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Amazing Borderland Cosplay

Between the make up and clothes, this Borderlands cosplay is seriously top notch. Heck, if I worked for Gearbox, I would hire these guys to promote the sequel. Link Via The Daily What

Latex Star Trek Uniforms

Comic Con comes to Montreal September 14-16. Our friends at Geeks Are Sexy will be there, and tell us that the company Poison Candy Latex will be there to unveil their new line of Star Trek latex cosplay clothing. That will be a sight! Link

9 Real Life Nyan Cats

Who doesn’t like Nyan Cat? These little ones are certainly fans, after all, they are trying their best to cosplay as the legendary kitty icon and the results are priceless. Link

How to Make Your Own Dalek Dress

(Video Link) Yes, Comic Con costume photos will be coming later this week, but if you just can’t wait to enjoy some great cosplay, you can always follow these instructions to make your own great Dalek dress. Via The Mary Sue

I Guess Those Helmets Aren’t Blaster Proof After All

This grisly act of cosplay should serve as a warning against fighting for the Dark Side – don’t join up if you value your good looks. I’ve seen zombie stormtroopers before, but this one takes the cake and utilizes anatomy and backstory to maximum gory effect. If you see this guy wandering around, don’t point at him [...]

Pikachu Pinafore

A formal apron? A Pikachu pinafore? With all this tulle, you wouldn’t be making a mess in the kitchen with it, but put it over dress and it’s perfect for prom or any other cosplay event! Custom made for you by Amanda Marin, it’s available from Etsy shop Darling Amy. Link -via Geeks Are Sexy

Cosplay Samara is Eerily Accurate

Cosplay goes meta! The woman under this wonderful rendering of the character Samara from the game Mass Effect is actually the model that was used when the character was originally designed. Read more about her at Unreality magazine. Link

Custom Predator Helmet With Built-In Targeting Laser

It’s safe to say that this is one of the most epic pieces of cosplay gear I’ve ever seen: a custom made Bone Hunter Primal Elder Predator helmet, complete with built-in tri-dot laser sight and a bad attitude. This incredibly detailed helmet was made by Mike Loh, and if you can scrape up a mere $1050 [...]

These Retro Cosplay Pics Are Gnarly To The Max

Back in the good old days of convention cosplay, before the overuse of silicone and foam latex made for fierce competition and bare skin became an acceptable substitute for creativity, people had simpler tastes in costuming, and anime had yet to become the darling of the convention floors. Now, that’s not to say that these costumes [...]

Kevin Knight’s Delightful Cosplay Photos

I do my best to bring you guys the best possible Comic Con costumes every year, but I’m certainly not a professional photographer by any means. Fortunately, Kevin Knightly is and he was able to take a number of characters out of the fray of the convention to get them to pose in appropriate and [...]