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The Number of the Day: 650,000

A California man named Thirry Chahez, channeling his inner Cosmo Kramer, found out the hard way that all money is not created equal. He was recently turned away from several different bank locations while attempting to pay a credit card debt with 650,000 pennies. Related Fact: According to a recent estimate, it costs the United States [...]

On the Blessed Origins of Festivus

While Seinfeld might have popularized Festivus (A Holiday for the Rest of Us!), the Costanza clan’s strange celebration of choice actually existed long before the show. The holiday, which features a stark aluminum pole instead of a Christmas tree, “The Airing of Grievances” where complaints are voiced about friends that have wronged you, and “The [...]

Seinfeld: Kramer Enters Over and Over

Here’s a bit of Friday silliness for you. Below is a “supercut” of a bunch of Kramer’s entrances on Seinfeld. The video claims to include all his entrances from the series, but I’m not sure if that’s possible in only six minutes. Anyway, by about the two-minute mark in this video, my brain started to [...]

Month in Review: September’s Most Popular Stories

If you’re keeping score at home, September was the second-best month we’ve ever had. (The halcyon days of August ‘09 will be tough to top.) Thanks to everyone who has made mental_floss part of your routine, especially the folks who’ve been here for years and have aggressively spread the word about our site and magazine. [...]