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The Late Movies: Tim Burton

Filmmaker Tim Burton has made plenty of feature films, animations, shorts, and side projects. His Frankenweenie is now in theaters. Here are some other Tim Burton clips you might like. Frankenweenie 1984 Frankenweenie was a half-hour story the first time Burton made it. Stop-motion was expensive, so this version was live-action. Only part one is gown [...]

Mysterious sea creature washes up on beach

A couple walking along a Scottish beach came across the remains of a strange sea creature. The 30ft corpse is partly decomposed, experts are still att…

Rare ‘corpse flower’ attracts thousands

Crowds have turned up in Switzerland to witness the infamous “corpse flower” blooming for the first time. One of the plant’s most distinctive features…

Plush Roadkill Teeming with Soft, Cuddly Parasites

Artist Joshua Ben-Longo, who we’ve previously featured for his monster-skin rug, has created this adorable deceased dog. The corpse has ruptured and spewed out fuzzy little parasites. Isn’t it just adorable? Link via Super Punch

Soapman: Corpse Turned Completely Into Soap

Photo: Dave Hunt / Smithsonian Institution We don’t usually post such a gruesome image on Neatorama, but bear with me. The story behind the corpse shown above is quite very intriguing. When the corpse above was discovered in 1875 during the digging of a train depot foundation in Philadelphia, it has turned into soap (that’s why it’s [...]

8 of the Undead from Around the World

Zombies and vampires and ghouls, oh my! Almost every culture has stories of beings who rise from their graves or some part of the supernatural world and return to eat the living -or at least drink our blood. Here are a few of those tales from all corners of the world. 1. Vetala (India) Some of the [...]

World’s Largest Smelliest Plant Blooms

World’s largest, smelliest plant blooms in Houston, Lois the corpse flower, came in bloom Saturday in the U.S. fourth largest city, attracting thousands of curious Houstonians a day.Now nearly six feet (1.8288 meters) tall, the flower, technically known as the Amorphophallus titanium plant, was the second corpse flower that ever bloomed in Texas and the [...]

The Chaos

The Chaos is a poem often used to demonstrate how difficult it is to pronounce words in English, as the spelling and pronunciation varies so. It was written by Dr. Gerard Nolst Trenité, who first published it in 1909, then revised and lengthened it several times before his death in 1946. More lines were added [...]