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Ex-military pilot reveals UFO encounter

Marine Corps captain Larry Jividen has told the story of a UFO he witnessed 40 years ago. Jividen had been flying a T-39D Sabreliner aircraft with fiv…

Scale Model of the Mississippi River Basin

What do you do when you are the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and you want to learn how to control flooding? You recreate the Mississippi River to simulate floods. See the gallery of photos at the link of this amazing project constructed in the 1930’s. In 1936, after nearly two decades of devastating floods in [...]

Custom Painted Firearms

Hard Corps Weaponry is a studio that specializes in the custom painting of guns, including this nifty FNP9 in a John Deere theme. Other guns in the gallery include a Hello Kitty shotgun, a Miami Hurricanes Glock 23, and many exotic camouflage schemes. Link via Say Uncle

The Quick 10: 10 More Celebrity Veterans

A couple of years ago on Veterans Day, we listed 10 celebrities who stopped what they were doing in the middle of a successful showbiz career to serve their country. We had a lot of mentions of other celebrities who also served before they were famous, and we thought today would be a good day [...]