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The End of the "Silent Letter"

Combining the ease of telephonic communication with the awesome speed of mail, the maker of typewriters Smith-Corona (count just how many cutting edge technologies are represented here, Neatoramanauts!) introduced the Mail Call back in 1967: Announcing: The end of the silent letter Now you can really “hear” from those you miss the most. A son in service. A [...]

7 Ingenious Hidden Spy Cameras

Getty Images There may be no more important tool of espionage than the camera. It’s ideal for blackmail, collecting information, stealing documents, and reconnaissance. Because the technology involved is relatively simple, it’s possible to insert a camera into just about anything—and throughout history, that’s just what spy agencies have done. Here are a few objects that [...]

New Maya ‘end date’ monument unearthed

The 1,300-year-old text has been found carved in to stone steps at La Corona in Guatemala. The text, the longest ever found in Guatemala, depicts 200 …

Dietribes: Whose Lime Is it Anyway?

• The lime you merely call “lime” at the grocery store is more than likely the more exotic sounding Tahiti Lime (a.k.a. Persian Lime), now grown mostly in Florida and sold as a regular ole lime in the U.S. The Tahiti Lime is larger, has thicker skin, a longer shelf life and is less aromatic and [...]

The Last Fiesta

Chris Parks painted and arranged twelve skateboards that depict Jesus and his disciples from Da Vinci’s The Last Supper as Mexican wrestlers. Naturally, the Eucharistic elements are a taco and a Corona beer. You can see several detailed photos at the link. Link via Nerdcore If you liked this, be sure to check out Jeremy Barker’s massive [...]

Top iPhone Video Game Free App Downloaded 2m Times in Store

Robert Nay Puzzle Game – A simple Bubble Ball but hugely addictive video game netflix and android is taking the world by storm. Bubble Ball is a physics-based puzzle game that has been Free downloaded as an app by more than two million iPhone users. It became the top free application on the Apple store. But it hasn’t [...]

Latvia’s Hospital-Themed Restaurant

There’s a restaurant in Riga, Latvia, that looks like a hospital. The staff will even wrap you in a straight jacket, if that’s what you’d like. It’s called Hospitalis, and it combines the pleasures of eating out and medical examinations: Ah, listening to a live band while eating a meal in a gynecologist’s exam room—now there’s [...]

Spacecraft to Fly Into The Sun

Flying into the sun’s corona is suicidal to be sure, but scientists want to find out how the sun’s atmosphere is heated.Why the sun’s atmosphere is nearly 200 times hotter than its visible surface is a long-standing mystery. A new spacecraft, called Solar Probe Plus, aims to find some answers.Flying directly into the sun’s corona [...]

Best Eclipse Photo Ever!

Actually, this isn’t just one photograph — it’s a composite of 31 different images, taken in the shadow of the solar eclipse that passed over Asia and parts of the Pacific back in July for 6 minutes and 39 seconds. That’s the longest solar eclipse anyone on Earth will witness this century; a longer one [...]

What Your Taste in Beer Says About You

The market research firm Mindset Media studied the cultural and economic behaviors of beer drinkers and discerned certain trends among buyers of particular beers. Among the brands studied are Budweiser, Bud Light, Corona, Heineken, and Blue Moon. Beth Snyder Bulik wrote about the study in Ad Age. Here’s what she wrote about Budweiser drinkers: True to [...]