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Couple’s Sunken Floor Turned Out to be a Medieval Well

Colin Steer has been wondering for almost 30 years why his sofa dipped at one corner of his living room. After he retired, he decided to tackle the problem as a home improvement project. [...]

Folding Corner Ladder

Way back when, my father-in-law bought me a Little Giant folding ladder that, despite its name, ain’t so little. Still, I didn’t think anyone could create a ladder smaller than that, so I was [...]

Throwable Recon Robot

What’s around the corner may be a curiosity to you or me, but it may mean the difference between life or death to soldiers. Before, the only way to find out is to peek your head and see (unless [...]

The Coffee Shop Where Customers Pay for Each Others’ Drinks

Two years ago, a woman walked into the Corner Perk coffee shop in Bluffton, South Carolina and paid for a cup of coffee with a hundred dollar bill. She asked the barista to use the change to pay for other people’s orders as they came in. This simple, random act of kindness spun into a [...]

Fascinating WTF Photos From Russia

Russia seems like a chaotic place to live, with giant pigeons lurking around every corner, blighted urban landscapes full of dogs getting it on, and an extremely diverse citizenry trying their best to act like nothing’s wrong. These photos capture a side of Russia few outside the country ever get to see, and each image has [...]

Battle of the Babies: a White House Brawl

In this corner: Baby Ruth Cleveland. If you’re much of a presidential history buff (or into candy trivia), you’ve heard of Baby Ruth, who likely wasn’t the source of inspiration behind the candy bar of the same name. Because she was born between her dad Grover’s two terms in office, she’s one of the most [...]

10 Quirky Sporting Events

Even if you’re not a particularly athletic person, there’s a sport out there for you. Whether you’re an avid ironer or are known for launching your cell phone 300 feet after dealing with an exceptionally annoying telemarketer, there’s something in the world that will play to your skills. Here are 10 of them. 1. Toe Wrestling. [...]