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Adorable & Spooky Sock Monkeys

If you love sock monkeys, but are tired of the classic brown and white design, then you might want to check out Sockmonkey Drawer’s collection of one-of-a-kind designs. I’m particularly taken with creator Kim-Ian Cornell’s special Halloween line of Spooky Sock Monkeys. Link Via Laughing Squid

Chatbots Talking to Each Other

The Cornell Creative Machines Lab works with chatbots – “machines designed to emulate the conversational abilities of humans, conversing with a human user and generally attempting to convince the user into thinking that the machine is human.” In the course of their work they wondered what might happen if they introduced two chatbots to one [...]

A Conversation

(YouTube link) Cornell Creative Machines Lab connected two chatbots to each other to see what would happen. You could call this a conversation, and however odd it is, it honestly makes more sense than some chats I’ve heard between real people. -via Metafilter

Physicists develop time cloaking

Cornell University boffins have designed and built a cloaking device that can cloak events in time. The device is made possible thanks to the duality …

Ranger Robot Walks 40.5-miles on a Single Charge

The students and faculty at Cornell’s Biorobotics and Locomotion lab constructed the weird looking robot you see here dubbed Ranger. The bot set a new distance record for walking 40.5-miles on a single battery with a single charge. It took Ranger 30 hours, 49 minutes, and 2 seconds to walk that distance to take the [...]

Amputee Trips Up Robber

A Massachusetts man is being hailed a hero for lending a leg when people were in need. Steve Cornell was using an ATM, at a Middleton store last night, when he saw a man inside pointing a gun at the stores manager. When the gunman ran out the door, Cornell tripped him, giving the manager enough time [...]

Live "Practice Babies" for "Practice Mothers"

Cornell and other universities once incorporated live babies into their undergraduate teaching programs. Once upon a time, infants were quietly removed from orphanages and delivered to the home economics programs at elite U.S. colleges, where young women were eager to learn the science of mothering. These infants became “practice babies,” living in “practice apartments,” where a [...]

Robot Hand is a Balloon Filled with Coffee

Researchers at Cornell University, the University of Chicago, and the iRobot Corporation have been trying to find a way for a robot hand can grip a variety of objects. The end result of their efforts is a party balloon filled with coffee grounds: They call it a universal gripper, as it conforms to the object it’s [...]

Could humans one day walk on walls ?

A new adhesive device invented at Cornell could one day make it possible to move up walls just like Spiderman. The palm-sized device uses water surfac…