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Which Typeface Engenders the Most Trust?

Have you ever seen a résumé written in comic sans? Regardless of the content, the applicant has probably hurt him/herself. Little details in writing, such as the typeface, can subtly persuade or dissuade a reader. Errol Morris of the New York Times writes: But is there a font that promotes, engenders a belief that a sentence is true? [...]

Why Men Prefer to Eat Red Meat

I’d say because it’s more delicious, but that’s not what Brian Wansink of Cornell University Food and Brand Lab found out: it’s because meat is macho. "To the strong, traditional, macho, bicep-flexing, all-American [...]

Mean People Make More Money

Psst! Want to earn more money? The secret to earning more money in the workplace is … to be mean. That’s right: a new study found that agreeable workers earn significantly less than their meaner counterparts. The researchers examined “agreeableness” using self-reported survey data and found that men who measured below average on agreeableness earned about 18% [...]

Physicists develop time cloaking

Cornell University boffins have designed and built a cloaking device that can cloak events in time. The device is made possible thanks to the duality …

The printed future of Christmas dinner

In something akin to the replicators in Star Trek scientists are working on a food “printer”. Cornell University’s Computational Synthesis Lab are wor…

Narcissists Are Good for Business

Need to improve your team’s business pitch? The solution may surprise you: hire narcissists. Psychologists Jack Goncalo and Sharon Kim of Cornell University and Francis Flynn of Stanford University paired up 76 college students and asked one person to develop and pitch a concept for a movie to the other. The ideas were not stellar; one [...]