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World’s Longest Enchilada

World’s longest enchilada measures in at 230ft They must have big appetites down Mexico way – the world record-loving nation has created a colossal enchilada. The good people of Iztapalapa cooked up a 230ft-long, almost one and a half-ton enchilada which is now an official Guinness record. The massive concoction was made of corn tortillas, [...]

The World’s Longest Enchilada

People in Iztapalapa, a borough of Mexico City, assembled the longest enchilada in the world. It measured 70 meters long and weighed 1,416 kg: Guinness record official Ralph Hannah announced that it was the world’s biggest. The colossal concoction was made of corn tortillas, white onions, serrano chilis, green tomatoes, avocado, cheese, cream and a sea of [...]