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Dog Hops Like a Bunny

(Video Link)  When Sampson the corgi has to go up stairs, he transforms into bunny mode and hops. One thing that I learned from owning dogs and rabbits at the same time: dogs love the taste of rabbit poop. So much so that buying real dog food is almost a waste of money. -via Daily of the Day

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone, Take This!

As if little Link the Corgi’s outfit wasn’t cute enough on his own, just look at that adorable facial expression. I think he’s ready to save Zelda with his absolute preciousness. Link Via Fashionably Geek

Eye Of The Riley-A Corgy Cam Adventure

(YouTube Link) Riley is an adventurous little Corgi who loves going on hikes with his owner, this time around the Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles. As you watch this video you may ask yourself-does Riley have a little cameraman riding on his back, shooting this action packed footage? Sadly the answer is no, it’s just a GoPro camera [...]

RIFT Plans To Break The World Record For Virtual Marriages

Wanna get your MMO romance on and help set a new world record? Well, if you happen to play RIFT, then get married in the game on Valentine’s Day and you can help them set a Guinness record for most virtual marriages in a 24 hour period. Personally, the fact that you can incorporate a [...]

The World’s Shortest Cat

(Video Link) Fizz Girl is the world’s shortest cat and while the video doesn’t show nearly enough of her corgi-like proportions, she is simply adorable. Via BuzzFeed

This Is One Talented Pup

(Video Link) This adorable corgi has some serious skills when it comes to balancing things on its head. In fact, this isn’t the only video he stars in, BuzzFeed has five more for your dog-viewing pleasure. Link

Corgi Needs Help Using Stairs

(Video Link) Corgi puppies are some of the most vertically challenged animals the world, thankfully, this little one has a friend to help him climb up the stairs. Via BuzzFeed