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4th Amendment Underwear

Core77’s Design for Social Impact contest winner created underwear specifically for going through TSA security. For covering up your private parts during an X-ray, the set includes bras and boxers with the fourth amendment on them printed in metallic ink. Link -via Core77

Hi-Tech Japanese Vending Machine Uses 47-Inch Touchscreen Panel to Sell Drinks

In a land of high-tech toilet and strange robots, a regular ol’ vending machine just won’t do. So behold, the vending machine in subway stations in Tokyo that uses 47-inch touchscreen panel to sell you drinks: A 47-inch touchscreen panel dominates the front of this beast, which shows two tall eyes when in sleep mode and switches [...]

Color-Layered Table

Designer Ed Swan made this table layered with different colors of paint. It was put on display at a recent exhibit in London. Visitors were given sandpaper and invited to sand away layers to create patterns and images that they liked. Link via Make | Designer’s Website | Photo: Core77