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Star Trek Engagement Ring

Have you ever been so in love that you felt like your warp core was going to breach? Then you need this custom Starfleet insignia ring by Etsy seller Valerie. It’s made of sterling silver and gold and contains a small white sapphire. Engage. Link -via Walyou

Exploring the mysteries of the Earth’s core

Author Jules Verne portrayed the Earth’s core as an alien landscape, but what is really down there ? While you aren’t likely to find dinosaurs and gia…

Artwork Shows What May Lie At The Center Of The Earth

Scientists have known what is contained in the Earth’s core for about 75 years now, but that hasn’t stopped sci-fi authors and artists from doing some wild speculation of their own. These images by Japanese sci-fi illustrators are really far out, and I’m sure you’ll agree that the Earth’s core would make the awesomest setting ever [...]

147 Highly Interconnected Companies That Rule The World

That’s not just a pretty picture above. My friends, say hello to the 1,318 highly interconnected transnational companies (with a core of 147 "super-entities") that rule the world, as visualized by scientists at the [...]

4th Amendment Underwear

Core77’s Design for Social Impact contest winner created underwear specifically for going through TSA security. For covering up your private parts during an X-ray, the set includes bras and boxers with the fourth amendment on them printed in metallic ink. Link -via Core77

Space Core Cake

This space core from the game Portal 2 is a cake! Yes, it’s a cake, not a sculpture or toy. To prove it, here’s a picture of the cake being cut. It was made by Mike’s Amazing Cakes. You can see more pictures of the space core cake at Flickr. Link -Thanks, Richard! (Image credit: Flickr [...]

The inner core of the Earth may be melting

Scientists believe the core of the Earth may be melting, a process linked to activity on the surface. “The standard view has been that the inner core …

Drinking 100,000 Year Old Glacier Water

The scientists who research our planet’s poles have a tough, incredible job. Drilling tens of thousands of feet into the icy surface to retrieve core samples reveals a lot about our planet. It also provides a refreshing, pre-historic drink.Edible Geography has a fascinating interview with Dr. Paul Mayewski of the University of Maine, who collects [...]