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Giant Fork Driven into a Car

Go ahead and call your insurance company. You now have a story that its employees will never forget. Actually, this is an ad in Nantes, France. It was made by the street theater company Royal de Luxe for IDM, a housewares retailer. Link -via Copyranter Previously by Royale de Luxe: Attack of the 20 Foot Marionettes Sultan’s Elephant

Fashion Statement: Wrapped up in King Kong’s Hand

Korean fashion designer Kathleen Kye made a jacket that looks like the wearer is wrapped up in King Kong’s hand. This piece, inspired by a dream that she had of being squeezed by a giant hand, was one of several that Kye made for her graduate portfolio entitled “The Body Collection.” Link via Copyranter | Photo: [...]

Subtle Ad from 1919 Explains What Laxatives Do

Frakkin’ laxatives, how do they work? It turns out, as this old French-language ad explains, they summon elves. It’s magic. You can’t explain that. via Copyranter