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Homemade Zamboni

What can you do with a riding lawnmower with a blown engine? Instructables member web4deb turned hers into an ice resurfacer. Here’s how: Stripped off all the old mower decking and non-important parts and repainted it purple. Put on a small surplus engine. Made a scraper blade by grinding an edge into a piece of steel and mounted [...]

DIY Grappling Hook Launcher

You can buy a grappling hook launcher, but they’re expensive. Instructables member and MIT mechanical engineering student crreed figured that he could build his own. The force is provided by a paintball gun CO2 canister and the barrel is a copper pipe held in place by the frame of a Nerf gun. Link -via Technabob [...]

Neodynium Magnets Fall SLOWLY Through Copper Pipe

YouTube link. Note the magnets are not attracted to the copper. The physics of the process is explained briefly by thedevguy: The movement of the magnet induces an electric current in the copper and with electric current comes a magnetic field, which attracts the magnet. The magnet doesn’t stick to the wall as it falls because the [...]